Ozu in colors, "Mank", "the Flute Player"… Which films to watch on DVD or VOD this week?

♥♥♥ Ozu in colors

Box of six films (+ four B & W bonus films) on DVD/Blu-ray at Carlotta (total duration: 17h).

We knew a general practitioner who recommended to his overworked patients a cure of Ozu.One film per night until the stress relieved.Medicine lovers, unfortunately, are on the way out.Not the Ozu cinema, each retrospective of which in theaters is a success.He who was preoccupied with the passage of the generations crosses them marvelously.A question of style.That of the Japanese director, who, according to Gilles Deleuze, "made time and thought visible and sound", has a miraculous comforting power .

Like their titles ("Fleurs équinoxe", "Fin d'automne"), his films emanate a harmonious serenity, a comforting chant reminiscent of those of music boxes.In particular in his last six features.films, to which the publisher Carlotta devotes a DVD/Blu-ray box set, in pop colors specific to 1950s Japan, between office buildings and traditional housing, kimonos and three-piece costumes, local customs and American modernization.“Floating Herbs,” by Yasujirōo Ozu (Carlotta Films)

Impossible to choose one film more than another - even if "Floating Herbs" emerges.Difficult to distinguish them as they are so alike.The same simple stories of families, of daughters to be married off and lonely widowers, of parents watching their children leaving and children who see their parents grow old, the same actors, the same interiors, the same bars, the same angles of view, the same fixed camera, at tatami level, and this feeling of walking through a beautiful quiet river : the vision both lucid and idealized of a Japanese society whose patriarchal culture and hypocritical courtesies are deafened by humanity, the leniency of beings.

Posted Date: 2020-12-26

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